Asphalt Patch and Repair

The asphalt patching industry in Massachusetts is always thriving, with demand for new asphalt and sealcoating projects on the rise—and we’re here to help! When you work with 508 Sealcoating, you’re not just getting a new asphalt patch repair, you’re getting an expert repair from a contractor that cares. 508 Sealcoating has been providing Natick MA and it's surrounding areas with professional asphalt repair for over 20 years.

Our asphalt patching methods are efficient and cost-effective. From our initial inspection, to our free estimate and hopefully our repair, we always strive for 110% satisfaction from our clients. We have several asphalt repair options to handle every situation:

A quick or cold patch is when we prep the repair location and add new cold patch asphalt mix to replace what is missing, and then compact the product into place with a roller or tamper. This is the quickest and most affordable option. A surface patch is when we remove a portion of the top layer of asphalt via milling, prep and place new asphalt to repair surface problems. Infrared Thermal Bond Patching takes a bit more time but can be a much more pleasing and long lasting effect. Heat is used to prep the asphalt surrounding the patch area and the new asphalt is placed and will almost seem seamless when the job is complete. A full-depth patch is when we actually remove asphalt and sub material and replace it to our exact asphalt patch and repair specifications. No matter what type of asphalt repair you need, 508 Sealcoating is happy to help. Get in touch today for a free estimate!