Hot Rubber Crack Filler

Here in Natick MA, the varied seasons really takes it's toll on asphalt. The constant expanding and contracting of the asphalt tends to create small cracks. These small cracks will definitely become bigger as water and other elements seep through the crack and into the areas below. This is exacerbated by water freezing into ice during the winter months. Fortunately, you can get hot rubber crack filler to help fill these cracks and prevent them from getting worse.

Hot rubber crack filling is a hot-melt rubber filler that has a very strong adhesion to concrete, asphalt, and most other hard surfaces. Hot rubber crack filling is a great way to protect your pavement from moisture intrusion and is the most popular crack sealing solution. Are you serious about preventing water intrusion and damage to your asphalt? Then contact 508 Sealcoating to schedule a free estimate for hot rubber crack filling services.